This hideous frame

This hideous frame #57 – collage 2017
297mm (H) x 210mm (W) x 12mm (D)

When I make a series of pictures instead of getting better at it I get worse. The first couple are always the best and the others just tail off as I lose interest. This is an early one! I knew you could tell.

Various others

Warlock #39 BUY
Fabulous item #40 BUY
Fantastic unknown #41 BUY
Press the button #42 BUY
World of struggle #49 BUY
Buster flesh-eaters #50 BUY
Johnny frog #51 BUY
Beautiful killer laboratory #53 BUY

All collage 2017
420mm (H) x 297mm (W) x 21mm (D)

Dizzy gender

Dizzy gender #69 – collage 2017
297mm (H) x 210mm (W) x 12mm (D)

I can offer no explanation for these pictures. They come straight outta my noggin. They make themselves. It’s cheaper than a psychiatrist.

Five more

Nobody but me #59 BUY
I was anxious #60 BUY
Bad transfusion #61 BUY
Power grab #62 BUY
Crumpet psychosis #63 BUY
All collage 2017
210mm (H) x 210 mm (W) x 21mm (D)

I’m making a catalogue of works for print and deciding what goes in and what stays out. And staying out means destruction! Since I am the creator that destruction only means that the material just re-enters ‘the churn’. It’ll all come out again at some point. The four pictures above survive. Not because they are any good. Not because I believe there is any quality about them. They survive simply because they do not offend me. No single element screams ‘wrong!’ and so they win a reprieve from the landfill fate of their brothers.