Late summer special

I am the artist Washbelly and I recommend this book! And that you BUY it too!

My ‘Catalogue RaisonnĂ© and Late Summer Special’ (that’s a joke btw) is an 88 page A5 sized perfect bound full colour catalogue of my work dated between 2015 and 2019. Many of the works within still exist, though some have been destroyed, while others have been cut down or repurposed. There are only ten copies of this book in existence (one of them is my own file copy). There will not be a second printing.

There were many other works not included in this ‘complete’ collection but it still describes a journey from incompetence to ‘not-much-more‘ competent. If nothing else it serves as a reminder-to-self what NOT to do! I reckon I can ‘live with’ around one in ten of these early pieces. There are still quite a few that need relocating to land-fill.

One or two pieces from the catalogue have escaped into the real world and other hands. It’s my own fault. As for the ones still in my possession: If they don’t sell – they will go to Hell.

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