Washbelly makes art. The blog details his progress. Everything is for sale. You can make enquiries using the form below or visit his Etsy shop.

Aged 57 and blessed with boyish good looks the undiagnosed Washbelly is based in the Dis-United Kingdumb. He does not use ‘social media’ except with a gun to his head, which is most of the time. He’s just not very social, but all men must eat.

Unrepresented and uninterested in the gallery system Washbelly ploughs his own lonely furrow in search of answers to deeply personal questions. He has a mystery to solve. You could say he makes art as therapy. Although he puts on ‘a smiley face’ life is all masks and misery. Contrary to popular myth misery does not love company.

The name Washbelly is an appropriation and a cultural one at that! Don’t concern yourself about it. As the hangman said to the murderer John Christie when he complained of an itchy nose on the scaffold – “Don’t worry. It won’t bother you for long”.

Most often said about Washbelly: “I never know whether you’re joking or telling the truth.” The truth is a joke of course. There is a reason why all skulls grin.

Washbelly‘s main themes are the unreliable narrative, the spectrum of sexual and racial identity, the nature of good (the individual) and evil (society), the meaning of words and images and the interdependence therein, and the instant before recognition and/or realisation — among other things. He is interested in eastern philosophy, quantum physics, northern soul, paper ephemera and the state of the nation.

If you insist on contacting Washbelly you may use the form below. Please proceed with caution. You never know who will get hurt.