Two girls

I made this! I should make more maybe?


Spent quite a bit of time eBaying the last remnants of the comic collection away. Nobody seems to like what I like anymore! I can’t give those Deathlok issues away! Even Howard the Duck has suffered from falling just out of favour. The Ka-Zar is there because I remember having it as a kid. The Defenders reminds me that almost everything I read as a kid was written by Steve Gerber. We never worried who the writer was. The Sub-Mariner has a cosmic cube connection and I have high hopes for the Captain Marvel key issue that goes live shortly. Ah, well – good riddance to them all. Who needs ’em?

Beautiful killer laboratory

Another favourite of mine. Seems to sum up my thinking at that time. The treatment is a little old hat now maybe. Onwards.

Buster and Johnny

Two collages made what seems an age ago. Click on the images to see larger versions. Products of their time!

Um Big Chief Beryl

Proto-feminist Beryl springs into action against the patriarchy, but does she stand a chance against he who is known as DAD? For students of the medium what do you think of the idea that Davy Law stands at the halfway point between Dudley Watkins and Chris Donald. I think I’ll stick to that idea for a while.


Currently reading Edna OBrien’s Girl with Green Eyes (AKA The Lonely Girl).

Graham Greene’s Ministry of Fear was something else altogether. All that Catholic guilt and repressed desire.

The experience was as new to him as adolescent love; he had the blind passionate innocence of a boy: like a boy he was driven relentlessly towards inevitable suffering, loss and despair, and called it happiness.

Graham Greene

And the last page gut-punch …

They had to tread carefully for a lifetime, never speak without thinking twice; they must watch each other like enemies because they loved each other so much. They would never know what it was not to be afraid of being found out.

Although my favourite bit has to be the suicidal man begging for a penny. Ouch. You have to have a strange turn of mind to think that kind of thing up. Bitter much?

And yeah, I grabbed a second hand copy of this. “The greatest book ever written about German resistance to the Nazis” says Primo Levi. So it must be true. Can’t wait, but first Edna …

Staggering! Sensational!

Another day in the wonderful world of struggle. My struggles have got easier since I made this collage, but they never really go away. Getting older will see to that!

Here comes Noddy

An early ‘annual’ of mine? No, not really. I had a copy of this as a child, but this isn’t the actual one. Mine was much more worn. Probably because like everything else I owned as a child it wasn’t mine to begin with. I remember everything as being new, but it never was. It was new to me, but whatever it was it undoubtedly had one if not several previous owners. I guess having two older sisters I was lucky not to be brought up in a dress. Not that that would bother anyone these days, but the past is another country.

Insect Men

A nod, a wink, a scratch of the chin, and another, what you might call a self portrait. Elements of the past illustrating the present maybe?

The Ministry of Fear

The Ministry of Fear : Graham Greene : 1943

My new read. There’s a film version of this I think which I’ll look up later. I must have seen it, but all I can remember (vaguely) is the set-up. A man correctly guesses (with some unintentional help from a fortune teller) the correct weight of a cake at a fete in wartime London, which results in him being chased up hill and down dale by swivel-eyed Nazi thugs, possibly disguised as vicars and/or old ladies. Maybe I’m making that last bit up.

This just in: It starts well! Ripping yarn awaits.

Quatermass II

Yay! I nabbed this off eBay for the quite lovely price of four of my English pounds + P&P. Sadly I failed to get the first book in the series as I wasn’t willing to part with more than twelve squid for it and it looked like someone else really wanted it. Who am I to deny their deepest, darkest desires? Who? Y’know what? I consider the first is the least anyway, so I might go for the later and (hopefully) cheaper edition on eBay shortly. Wish me luck.

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